Build great technology to delight our customers and colleagues. Develop as one of our future technology leaders through technical, operational and leadership training

Status: Programme closed

Key Information

Salary - £32k pa

Eligibility – 300 UCAS Points (or equivalent); 2:1 Degree

Length – 1 year

Tesco Technology is not your standard IT department. We’re an organisation passionate about serving millions of shoppers across the world a little better every day through the use of cutting edge technology.

The retail environment is constantly changing. Much of this revolution is the result of developments in technology. We’ve always been a leader in this area; from developing supply chain and ordering systems that react to changes in weather, to launching the first online grocery service. But we never stand still, we’re always looking for new ways to delight our customers – wherever, whenever and however they want to shop with us.

Our team is innovative, highly-skilled, agile, passionate and fun. If you’re looking for an environment to create cutting edge solutions which make a difference to millions of customers and colleagues globally, then Tesco Technology is the place for you!

At Tesco Technology, we offer 2 excellent schemes for graduates that support you on the first steps of your career and equip you with the skills you will need throughout your career. One scheme is for Product and Programme Management - the other is for Software Engineering. Both schemes offer placements truly unrivalled by any other company, including a 3 month placement in India. This placement allows you to embrace the opportunities which working for a multinational company like Tesco entails.

The breadth of experience you will gain overall is designed to grow your excellence in technology while feeding your passion to serve our customers a little better every day. All of this within a great office environment and an organisation that is committed to supporting you to become the very best you can be. Both schemes will be based within our newly refurbished campus in Welwyn Garden City, also with opportunities to work in our product & development centre in London.

A 1 year scheme designed to teach you the skills you will require to thrive as a both a product and a programme manager, whilst also giving you a great platform from which to grow into a future technology leader.

You will have genuine responsibility from day one. Whether it’s spending time listening and engaging with customers/ colleagues or analysing data from different systems and sources. You will quickly learn how to make the best decision in order to maximise the value of the systems you are managing.

However, systems don’t tend to live in isolation. Therefore, you’ll also learn how to manage complexity between systems and deliver programmes that require changes in multiple systems to achieve a bigger target. All of this requires strong leadership skills and continuous focus on the vision we are trying to achieve for our customers and you’ll have the best team around you to help you develop these skills.

By rotating positions within the department, as well as working in India for 3 months, you will have plenty of opportunities to experience all the different areas of our technology organisation and begin to develop into a great product/ programme manager. Here are a selection of placements that our current Graduates are working on:

- Working on a complete redesign of our Grocery Home Shopping website – which will be used by millions of customers around the world
- Creating a new Clubcard app for Android and iOS
- Managing a project to upgrade the network across all UK Tesco stores and offices, collaborating with multiple teams within Tesco which will allow us to provide a better service to all colleagues and customers across the country

Want to know more information about exactly what you’ll be doing? Why not read our Product and Programme Management scheme guide?

Throughout the one year scheme, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to become a future engineering leader at Tesco. We’ll introduce you to a selection of the latest technologies, help you to bring your theoretical knowledge to life, as well as show you how we architect some of the most complex and challenging software systems being built. We’ll also bring you up to speed with all of the tools and methodologies that we use to create world-class software, from Agile principles to continuous delivery toolsets.

On the Engineering Scheme you will learn:

- How to build systems that deal with lots of data (100s of millions of records per system)
- How to protect customer data
- How to automate everything! From building and deploying code to managing cloud infrastructure

You’ll achieve all of this by working as part of a great team with real industry experts who will support you as you grow.

Examples of projects that our current graduates are working on include:
- Helping to develop a RESTful service that contains location information for any product in any store across the UK – right down to the aisle, shelf number, and position along the shelf!
- Developing a system which securely holds all customer login details, allowing customers a seamless login experience
- Working on a complete redesign of our Grocery Home Shopping website, creating Tesco’s first React.js component library and hosting components on AWS.

Want to know more information about exactly what you’ll be doing? Why not read our Software Engineering scheme guide?

Is the Product and Programme Management scheme right for me?
On the Product and Programme scheme, we’re searching for candidates with a keen interest in Technology. You’ll need to demonstrate how your passion goes further than academic study and be able to discuss how Technology is used in the market (retail or otherwise). We’ll be very interested in how you would apply your knowledge and ideas to improving Tesco.

We’re seeking candidates who thrive when working as a team, and possess the qualities of a future leader of Tesco.

Finally, we require candidates who have a logical and analytical mind, who can use a wide range of tools to break down and fix a problem.


Is the Software Engineering scheme right for me?
On the Software Engineering scheme, we’re searching for candidates who have experience with software development, as well as great passion for technology. Candidates should enjoy experimenting, improving technologies and exploring new ways of solving technology problems.

We would require each candidate to have an understanding of the different components that make up a system and have a keen interest in the technology industry. Being aware of development tools & methodologies, having an opinion on what technology should be used to solve a problem, as well as what security vulnerabilities are hot topics, to name a few.

We’re seeking candidates who thrive when working as a team, and possess the qualities of a future leader of Tesco.

Can you relate to either of the above schemes? If so, then please apply below – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Are these schemes too technical for you? Then why not look at our online graduate scheme?

Please be aware, that as a candidate you can only apply for one Tesco Graduate scheme.

What you need to succeed

Read through the criteria to see if this programme is the right one for you.

Do you have:

A minimum of a 2:1 degree likely to be in Computer Science, Maths or Engineering, although any discipline is accepted

A passion for technology and the desire to learn more about how it is used/ developed

An inquisitive nature and the drive to improve your leadership and technical skills

To be a strong leader of people who inspires everyone to achieve together

Understand how people use Technology and be able to relate ideas back to the customer shopping experience

To be able to develop innovative systems that are truly leading the way in retail technology

To stick to your values and do the right thing, even when it's tough

To be agile in the way you think, make decisions and handle change

To be connected to the latest thinking, inside and outside of the business

The hunger to drive your own career and become one of our leaders of tomorrow in an exciting and fast-paced industry